As AI tools are becoming ubiquitous in our society, there are still major barriers for humans to make full use of AI in making critical decisions.

The vision of the Center for Collaborative Human-AI Learning and Operation (HALO) at the McKelvey School of Engineering is to unleash the full potential of human-AI collaboration (HAC) by integrating AI with human-centered principles and practices, resulting in HAC systems in which humans and AI together achieve superior performance than either could alone.

HALO leads and facilitates research in new HAC principles and methods that support productive interaction, as well as fairness, trust, awareness, privacy and situational sensitivities in human-AI interaction. 

Initial application domain of HAC will be focused on health care and the use of clinical decision support systems. HALO also seeks and promotes applications of HAC principles and algorithms in other domains in engineering, economics, finance and social sciences.